SMH values life and the environment. Every employee working for our company is duty-bound to safeguard himself, his co-workers, our customers and the community we serve, from the risks and hazards in and outside the workplace. The SMH organization takes reasonable and workable means to prevent, control and eliminate incidences that may result to injury, illness, damage to property and the environment.
We believe that our constant pursuit for HSE solutions will guarantee highly motivated workers and a lot more satisfied customers, essentially vital to the success of our business.

SMH is committed to:

  • Provide the necessary resources, organization and training to all levels of employees that shall embed health, safety and environment best practices integral to SMH culture.
  • Ensure that the facilities we design, build and operate, including the services we provide, shall be in conformity to industry norms and standards for health, safety and environment.
  • The prevention of incidences that is harmful to the health and safety of people and the well-being of our environment through proactive promotion and education of our employees, suppliers and customers on responsible HSE practices.
  • Ensure that contingency plans are in place and maintained to deal with probable emergency situations.
  • Establish the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management Program, the procedure that shall guide and remind all SMH employees of their valuable role on health, safety and environmental care.
  • Periodically review the HSE Management Program and practices to ensure continual improvement.