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Housekeeping Drive

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  • September 18, 2017

A clean, well-ordered & attractive work environment sets the tone for SMH Industrial Services Company last 16th of September 2017. As it launches its first Clean Up drive campaign this year, thru the collective efforts of all SMH Workshop employees made the organization aim to create healthy, clean and safer place to work.

SMH encourages organized work habits within employees. It promotes good worker-management relations. And aims boost individual morale, which is reflected in the quality of production and overall efficiency.

SMH Good housekeeping involves every phase of its operations and applied throughout the entire premises, indoors and out.

The participation of SMH employees are overwhelming and spontaneous. It proved beyond doubt that Irrespective of the job profile every employee has taken part in the good cause showing the team spirit and will rise to any occasion when needed.

These good practices of housekeeping and cleanliness of SMH Company is to be maintained in the coming weeks.