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About SMH

Successful completion of 81 shutdowns and turnarounds without lost time injury – this is a record that a company must be very proud of. SMH Industrial Services Co. Ltd., a leading service provider of Rotating Equipment Maintenance and Repairs, is indeed, very proud of this achievement.

The company achieved this milestone as of first quarter of 2022. This could not have been possible had it not to the unending and untiring efforts of the HSE Team working hand and hand with the Technical Team. The collaboration of this two departments manifest success due to a constant communication, transparency and continual awareness, cooperation and best practices.

SMH invested in its people hence a very strong team has been formed. Such team has been responsible in putting SMH name, a big name, in the industry. SMH top management once again proved that taking care of the workforce will spin the business up ahead of your own plan.

SMH Industrial Services Co. Ltd., is a Rotating Equipment Specialist with broad experience in Operations and Maintenance, Project Management and Industrial Support services.

SMH started with humble beginning and has grown to become an industry partner with clients, specifically in the oil & gas and petrochemicals sectors. SMH has been providing cost-effective solutions to clients’ requirements delivering timely with the highest standards of quality and strict adherence to the best safety practices.

SMH’s principal asset is a team of Technical Experts whose undertaking is a concerted effort to ensure our clients total satisfaction.

The company is privileged to be of service to the renowned Industrial giants i.e. SABIC, Saudi Chevron, Petrochemical Conversion Company, Tasnee, Satorp and various international companies in Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers and Metal sector. SMH aims to be a good Corporate Citizen by encouraging local workforce wherever possible.

We inspire partnership, transparency and reliability stretching beyond the boundaries of a Client-Contractor relationship. Our success in the business is mainly due to strict adherence to our ultimate aim…

  • Assurance of health and safety of people
  • The preservation of the environment
  • Excellence in Service