SMH Spare Parts Manufacturing

Aligning ourself to Saudi  Vision 2030 to create sustainable Saudi Arabia, we have expanded our wings and started Manufacturing of Spare Parts for Rotary Equipment, in year 2023. Having experience in Rotary equipment services for more than 13 years serving Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power & Utilities, and other prime industrial sectors, we are confident that we understood the requirements of customers and importance of localizing spares.

Keeping quality as our prime moto, we have established state-of-art facility in Jubail Support industries, equipping latest technology machineries and tools.


To be a leading manufacturer of high-quality spare parts for rotary equipment, delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer value while maintaining a strong commitment towards our social responsibilities and contribute to creating a sustainable economy as per Saudi Vision 2030.


To manufacture and deliver precision-engineered spare parts for a wide range of rotating equipment, meeting the diverse needs of our customers from design to final delivery.


As part of Saudi Vision 2030, one of the goals “Self-Sustained Saudi Arabia”, SMH believes sustainability must be embedded in the way we do business as it critical for meeting the societal, economic, and environmental needs of future generations.

As a responsible “Industrial Spare Parts Manufacturer “, we are committed to create long-term value for our employees, business, and society ; By integrating sustainability principles into our business to conserve natural resources and minimize the environmental impact of our operations.


SMH commitment towards “Local Manufacturing Policy by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, SMH has set-up a world class Manufacturing facility and QC lab in Al-Jubail Support Industries, KSA which shall address rotary equipment spares manufacturing to support prime industries around Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle east, timely and efficiently.


SMH is capable to manufacture spares under the OEM standards and guidance with our State-of-the-Art manufacturing units such as CNC Machines, Conventional Machines, Low Speed Balancing Machine, HVOF and other related required machineries and advance software to ensure uninterrupted production with quality and timely delivery.


  • Our Facility supported with Testing machines we used to measure the type of materials, accuracy and dimensions
  • SMH Manufacturing is equipped with advanced technology tools to ensure that we provide the best quality as result of our manufactured spares.


  • The smooth functioning of rotary equipment is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency. These components often undergo significant wear and tear, necessitating the production of high-quality spare parts to ensure uninterrupted production and minimize downtime
  • We SMH, manufacture all types of spares required for Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Utility, Cement and other prime industries
  • Spares for rotary equipment namely Shafts, Seals, Sleeves, Plate, Spacer, Coupling, Bushing, Wear Rings and consumable items such as O-rings, Back Up rings, Gaskets, Lock Nut, Pulley, Pin, Key, Screw, Bolt, Nut, Washer, Stud. Hoist, Special Tools, etc.


  • SMH Manufacturing can be able to support and produce the spare parts of its kind whenever required within a short period of time and in emergency cases.
  • We, SMH, secured huge inventory of raw materials which include critical and rare materials not available in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia such as various grades of steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys, and specialized materials like composites or polymers. This will ensure to manufacture of critical spares on demand or in case of emergency. This will support the industry to avoid long delivery lead time from OEMs