QUALITY Policies

Yes Yem Yech Manufacturing & Industrial Services Co. Ltd., is an Repair and maintenance of machines dedicated for metalizing and construction for oil and gas fields – Repair and maintenance of clutches and gears – construction and repair of electric power plants and transformers – operation and maintenance of pumping stations and pipelines – loading and unloading of goods – cleaning of industrial machines and equipment / Manufacturing pipes and hallow shapes of iron and steel –  manufacturing valves and electronic couplers – manufacturing internal combustion engine with their parts – ball bearings and roller bearings including balls, needles and metal circles and burrs – manufacturing of auto tools for rotation is committed to achieving TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by perusing the following objectives:

  • To fulfil or exceed customer’s expectations in a consistent and timely manner.
  • To develop our technology and infrastructure continuously in order that we may offer the latest available technology to meet the ever changing market demands.
  • To assist our Clients realize their full potential by providing the highest quality products and services with a zero complaint as possible.
  • To commit the company’s responsibility in compliance of the legal requirement.

Our customer support strategy is based upon total customer satisfaction and we will continually strive to offer a complete package of up-to-date value added solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

We value above all our Long Term Customer Relations.


Complying to International Standards, Codes and Regulatory requirements.SMH Manufacturing and Industrial Services Co. Ltd., a leading service provider of Turbo Machinery Rotating Equipment Maintenance, Repairs and Turnarounds, is an ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001 certified company specialized in Manufacturing  of Rotary Equipment’s Parts, Rotor Refurbishment, Balancing,  Operations and Maintenance serving Industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Power and Utility.