2017 Chevron Phillips Contractor Safety Excellence Award

For two consecutive years, YES YEM YECH Industrial Services Co. Ltd. (SMH) was chosen as one of the recipients of 2017 S-Chem Contractor Safety Excellence Award for its outstanding safety performance during 2017 SCP-JCP Plant Turnaround.

The commemorative plaque awarded to SMH was received by none other than the Managing Director himself, Mr. Mohammed Shafeeq, together with the Operations General Manager, Mr. Raghu Rahman, who are very delighted by the citation from the renowned Saudi Chevron Phillips.

Presented by S-Chem Executive Management headed by Mr. Mike on the 21st of November 2018 at CPChem Cafeteria along with other awardees.

This recognition embodies the dedication of SMH workforce and probably wouldn’t have had this award without the untiring efforts of the employees who upheld HSE best practices.

Surely, SMH will always be safeguarded by Safety implementation at its best.

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