Complex Turnaround Mar-Apr 2019 at Yanbu Industrial City

SMH performance became apparent when SMH Technical Team leaves no stones unturned during the execution of work at “Complex Turnaround Mar-Apr 2019 for Rotating Equipment Services for PTA, CTA, AROMATICS, PET, UTY-I and UTY-II Plants” in Yanbu Industrial City. 600 personnel mobilized to the project have shown expertise with nothing less than exemplary performances to achieve successful completion of 6 world class petrochemical plants, on time, with the work running in parallel.

The Client Turnaround Technical Team trusted SMH to handle such a big Turnaround by single Rotating Equipment contractor alone, wherein SMH has to handled Critical Equipment like Siemens Process Air Compressor, KAWASAKI Reciprocating Compressor, Discharge Reactors, PTA and CTA Rotary Dryers, Agitators, Pumps, Blowers, Steam Turbines, etc., SMH Team have innovatively pulled things up without any assistance from Original Equipment Manufacturer.

SMH were able to pull all resources together with a very short notice of 15 days from the Purchase Order date. This challenge have made SMH’s integrity and reliability comes unquestioned.

It is worthy to note that the project has been successfully and safely concluded. Thanks to SMH Health and Safety Team who is always taking big advance steps towards ensuring the welfare of all workers, the plant, and the environment. This is a no-secret approach of SMH towards satisfying the Clients requirements and expectations.

The organization’s top management had been very appreciative to all members of SMH Turnaround Technical Team for being instrumental to this-another-success. Likewise, the SMH team felt the presence and the strong support of SMH Top Management round the clock.


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