Safe and Successful Completion of SHARQ PE-Extruder

SMH recently managed the successful completion of critical site PE-Extruder shutdown with short period notice.

The Major Overhauling of 1 Extruder belonging to Polyethylene plant started on Thursday, March 4, 2021 and continued around the clock. Gear pump overhauling of Rotor and bearing was replaced, followed by Gear Reducer overhauling and Completed by replacing with new bearing in SMH’s New workshop with Online Support from OEM ,M/s ISHIBASHI. Pelletizer overhauling for Bearing, mechanical seal and cutter was replaced was done under the presence of M/s KOBELCO Vendor.

Mixer chamber undocked and remove from its position and Extruder Mixer screw and De-NDE bearing assembly replace with new. Significant pre-planning and attention to detail was exercised to prevent property damage in the confined work area. Overall, SMH deliver and execute the quality job on time.

Thanks to SMH Team.

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