Samref Certificate of Appreciaiton for the Succesful 2023 Turnaround

SMH Industrial Services company continued to sustain the brand and the quality of works.  Recently we received our very first Certificate of Appreciation from Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company Ltd.  for the Successful completion of Major Turnaround last 15th of November 2023 with Zero Incident report for Rotating Service of Compressor and Turbine.


It is also memorable for SMH to handle this job as we successfully execute the Kawasaki Centrifugal Compressor (KCC) which is hard at work throughout the oil and gas industry and elsewhere.  It is the first time for SMH to perform this project, we’ve earned high marks with our highly qualified technical supporting team for compressors and will endeavor to support a safe and stable service operating conditions.

Overall, we look forward to a more challenging Rotating Service and rest assured that SMH will continue to strengthen its capabilities and reliability to support the Oil and Gas Industries.

Congratulations to SMH Team for a job well done.


SMH Press

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