Saudi Chevron Phillips 2021 Contractor Safety Excellence Award

Since 2016, Yes Yem Yech Industrial Services Company Ltd. (SMH) has continuously been recognized by one of our longtime associates Saudi Chevron Philipps for the 6th consecutive year. SMH General Manager for Operations Mr. Raghu Rahman attended the awarding ceremony for the Contractor Safety Excellence Award for the year 2021.

The award recognizes the outstanding efforts of SMH in providing a safe workplace and making continuous improvements in safety management and performance.

SMH work’s together to elevate as always our Safety goals. Rest assured that the knowledge and performance of our people and the resilience of our processes will always meet our client’s needs and exceed their expectations.

SMH dedicated this plaque of recognition to the employees who are the core of the company’s success.

Thanks to all who contributed to this recognition.

SMH Press

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