Saudi Kayan Machinery Services-PC, PHNLCS, AMINES, U&O TAM

SMH Industrial Services Company started its humble beginning way back 2013, when the company was only new in the business of Rotating Equipment Services. SMH biggest break through was when Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company entrusted us to handle the major overhauling of their two major plants Phenolecs and Polycarbonates. Since then SMH was classified as a Rotating Equipment Services company not only to Saudi Kayan but for the entire SABIC Affiliates, Petrochemical and renowned Oil & Gas Giants.

After the successful execution of our very first major turnaround on that year, followed by year 2016 and 2017 which are all well appreciated. SMH Company secured the trust of SAUDI KAYAN and this was continues whenever there’s major overhauling and other projects opportunity to serve for any Rotating machinery overhaul within their businesses.

SK preferred without any doubt SMH for Rotary Equipment Services consequently and this 1st quarter of this year 2020, it was our 4th time to do the major Turnaround.

With collaboration of 250 highly technical experts, we qualified to serve overhauling of JSW Extruders, Tuthill Vacuum Blowers, Process Agitators with Gearboxes, Blowers, Bucket Elevators, Rotary Feeders, Pumps etc.

Thanks to the dedicated and hardworking team of SMH. Rest assured that SMH Company will continue to do the quality of services with our aim of achieving our goal to be the leading service provider for Rotating Equipment Maintenance and Repairs.

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