TASNEE Acrylic Acid Major Overhauling MHI Compressor and Turbines March 2021

SMH Industrial Services Company has vast experience in executing Planned Major Turnarounds for National Industrialization Company (TASNEE) for the past five years. This includes, but not limited to Shutdown Maintenance of Pumps, Decanter Centrifuge, Agitators, Screw Conveyors, Gear Boxes, Vibrating Screens, Rotary Feeders, Natural/Black Line Extruder, Pelletizer, Pellet Dryer, Nitrogen and Refrigeration Compressors.

With vast amounts of equipment and experienced, multidisciplinary teams, we work 24/7 to complete its latest major OH of Special Purpose Steam Turbine MHI, MODEL NO: 5BL-8 make and Air Compressor (MCL Series) under MHI, MODEL NO: 11H-4make completed in 10 days.

Challenges arise as NO EOT crane and all manual lifting/lifting with 400 MT mobile crane for Lifting and flipping of Compressor top casing weighing 35 MT.

As with any major project, variables and contingencies are inevitable, so anticipating them is another way can improve overall turnaround effectiveness.

SMH set the experience as a baseline so that a system driven culture can be wholly incorporated for maintenance activities and contributes for a significant part to make the plant turnaround run smoothly and efficiently. Plus, creating a safe working environment in which zero incident and zero accident reported. This is a primary consideration of the Company.

Kudos to the SMH Team.

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