Tasnee HDPE-PP Plant TAM

SMH goal set out how to implement short, targeted periods of maintenance with effective planning and execution of shutdowns and turnarounds that is essential to maintain and Keeping the project to an appropriate timescale and extent. Tasnee TAM successfully completed on time Handling two Plants HDPE and PP Plant.

One of the highlight is the Planetary gearbox which is 32Tons in capacity was successfully overhauled in SMH workshop in 12 Days.

In addition, complete major overhauling including Gate valve, Hydraulic cylinder overhauling and Barrel replacement for KOBELCO MAKE BLACK LINE EXTRUDER, MODEL LCM500H and major overhauling of KOBELCO MAKE DOUBLE HELICAL PLANETARY GEARBOX.

Thanks to SMH Team of experts for another successful Turnaround.

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